Thirteen Point One

So I’m trying to come up with the words to describe this weekend, and frankly, I’m failing.

The trip was amazing. I love New Orleans and I really enjoyed exploring it all over again. The city was full of runners, I don’t think I’ve seen so much tech gear while sitting at a bar – or anywhere else for that matter.

Since I don’t really have the words, I guess pictures will have to do.


Adam, Erin and I at St. Louis Cathedral the day before the race.


Nothing makes you feel quite like a herd of cattle than being number 16,623 out of 28,000 runners.

It was very foggy during the race. At one point I couldn’t even see ten feet in front of me.

We finished! My final time was 2:47:07. Adam finished in 2:11:34. I am so proud that he beat his goal by 20 minutes. And yes, I am only wearing one shoe. I got a really bad knot in the ball of my foot around mile 11 and I was working on getting it out when my mom wanted to take pictures. It certainly made the last couple miles more challenging than they normally would have been.

New bling! And yes it’s on beads because New Orleans.

My cousin Erin has a lot of pictures of people during the race, but I was too busy trying not to die to take pictures. All five of the runners finished the race and I am so glad I got to spend the weekend running with my cousins.

Next time though, I go to New Orleans and actually drink – without running 13.1 the next day.

Next up:  Columbus Half Marathon in October and maybe the Plano Balloon Festival Half in September. That depends on if it conflicts with ALC 2014 though. I’m definitely going to train differently. More short runs, and getting my long runs up to 12 miles will make the last third of the race a lot easier, I think.

Music! My favorite song during the race was I Can Lift A Car by Walk The Moon.



How Do You Eat An Elephant?

This post is brought to you by one ass kicking, brutally honest conversation with Allison. Thank you thank you thank you for getting me to shut up and get going.

During this conversation, Allison said something that got my wheels turning. How do you eat an elephant? I promptly replied “One bite at a time.” because that’s the answer.


But it got me thinking because as I started my long run, I was feeling a little intimidated. I know I’ve done so much already, but I’m starting to feel worn out and tired. Seeing that long run scheduled on my calendar was just a little daunting.

So I guess today I’m rephrasing the question. How do you finish a long run?

You put on your shoes, pick a playlist and step out the door. One foot in front of the other at whatever pace makes you comfortable – or uncomfortable, depending on the kind of week you’ve had.

Allison also reminded me to be grateful. Be grateful for what I’ve accomplished and what I can do, even if I don’t feel it is enough to accomplish my goals. With two weeks to go before my half, the nerves are settling in hard. My last couple long runs have been just short of painful, and I had to end this weekend’s 12 miler early because my trusty old achilles started hurting badI didn’t want to push it, so I settled for 9 miles in the sunshine. But still, I’m trying to be more grateful for what I have accomplished in such a short amount of time. I’ve been working very hard, and in the span of three months I’ve gone from 2 mile runs to run/walking 9 miles twice now.

This week starts my tapering runs. Today I did 3 miles on the treadmill, plus some weights and abs, which I haven’t done since I finished boot camp at the end of December. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get out again and do 4.5 or 5 miles. This weekend is a slow 8 miler (maybe at White Rock Lake if the weather is nice?) and I’m actually looking forward to it.

I also got word that my awesome friend Ashley will be playing with her band on the half mile course in New Orleans! I’m really excited to see her again and hear her play (sort of) for the first time!

Two weeks until I run 13.1. #gulp


So I’ve been officially committed back to the Weight Watchers program for five days now, and I already feel so much better.

I haven’t even incorporated any exercise in. It’s really amazing the difference that just tracking what you eat can make. I even splurged this week during my dear friend Pamela’s birthday dinner. (Potato skins, chicken curry, alcoholic drinks and cake!)

I was just really excited about this and I thought everyone should know.

Happy Friday!


Just a Reminder

Here’s a little reminder from one of many fitness blogs I read that while yes, we use weight to gauge our progress, in the big picture it means very little. What matters is how you feel, how much energy you have, how well you sleep at night and how you look in the mirror. Don’t let that goal weight become an unhealthy obsession. Different people are healthy at many different weights, and different weights look different on different people.


Do what’s right for you, and don’t let Pinterest, your friends or even sometimes your family dictate how you take care of yourself. Just make sure that you do take care of yourself.

Biggest Loser: Family Style! – Initial Weigh In –

So my family’s biggest loser competition begins today. As I sent in my weight I got a little (okay a lot) frustrated.

I am officially back at my original weight. Booooooo.

Between being sick and eating for comfort and not nutrition, and the holidays, I have not been behaving myself. And I can feel the weight back on.

Sounds like this biggest loser competition is the perfect time to get my ass back in gear. I might do some research into meal replacement shakes, and there will be a kitchen overhaul to get rid of all the fatty holiday foods leftover from the past few weeks.

It’s time to get back to what works for me. Salads, low-fat proteins, light workouts and keeping consistent with my weekly weigh ins.

Apologies for the profanities, but I’m upset at myself, as I should be. Last week I committed to running the local Leaping Leprechaun 5K in March and then the Austin Capitol 10K in April, so there’s a lot of work still to do and I have a plan on how to do it. As soon as this snow melts. I promise. Allison offered her services to hold me to that.


[[UPDATE: I have since been to the store to get new jeans (old ones were worn thin) and ended up walking out with 2 pairs of size 10 jeans. WHAAAAAAT. Yeah, that’s right. Size 10. Eat it, scale.]]

2013 Resolutions

Everyone has them, right?

Goals are great. Especially to those of us looking to improve our lives in multiple areas. I’m going to split these goals up into three sections. Wellness, Professional and Personal goals.

Ready? Let’s go then.


  •  Get back on track with WeightWatchers. I’ve gotten out of the habit of tracking my food and calculating my daily points and (most importantly) adhering to those points. I’ve still been eating relatively healthy, becomingbut I haven’t had the accountability of the tracking to keep me honest. There have been more cookies and queso runs in my life lately. No more. Back to healthy grains and protein and fiber for me. (Related: I can tell a difference in how I’ve been eating because I don’t feel as good as I used to. I’m tired all the time and my body aches.) It wants the healthy food back in my life.
  • Cook more. You can ask anyone, I love to cook. I really do! I love making things up (as you can probably tell by some of my recipes here) and I love to improvise on recipes to see what happens. Unfortunately I’ve fallen into a rut where I don’t cook very often. I’ll cook o
    n the weekends if I’m not too busy. This year, I’m going to not only use my crockpot more, but I’m going to make enough food that Adam and I can eat our fill and there will still be leftovers. And then those will feed us during the week or on nights I don’t feel like cooking.
  • Eat out less. This is related, mostly because I’m sure if I cooked more often and kept my kitchen stocked with ingredients for easy, quick recipes, I would be less like
  • ly to hit up Panera on my way home from work. I have gotten better about my choices on where I eat out. I’ll pick Panera or Genghis Grill way before I hit the McDonald’s drive through.
  • Drink more water. I keep hoping that if I write this goal in my blog enough, it will actually happen.


  • Read more. I have a ton of social media, marketing and public relations books on my shelf and in my Kindle. I will read them and make notes on how I can use the ideas in them to help my clients.
  • Attend at least one industry conference. I’m hoping it will be South By Southwest Interactive in March, but the price is pretty steep for that. I would like to go to CERAWeek or OTC this year though.



  • Be intentional. I need to take a step back and really look at how my daily actions and decisions are shaping me. I want to live in a way where you can tell exactly the kind of person I am by how I treat myself and others.grateful
  • Be thankful. I think I get so caught up in my work routine that I sometimes forget to be grateful for my life. I got better at it towards the end of 2012, and I want to continue to focus on all the blessings in my life, rather than the negatives.
  • Travel more. I know that sounds really weird coming from the girl who went to Florida, Ohio, Hawaii and whatnot this year alone, but I want to travel even more. I already have a trip to Ohio planned for February, a trip to Missouri in July and then (maybe?) a trip to Hilton Head for September. I fell into a rut where I traveled in 2012, but I feel like I didn’t have very many adventures. Hawaii is really the big one, and then when I moved, that was an adventure for me, only because I didn’t have control over so many different things.
  • Think more. I’m really good at talking. And sometimes, I’m not really good at thinking about how my words, actions or tone will come across.
  • Save more. I’ll admit it. I am terrible at saving money. While I’m not a shopaholic, I do enjoy a good sale and as stated above, I love to eat out. 2013 is the year to hunker down, tighten my belt if need be, and pay down my debt. (Life of a graduate of a private university).

So there you have it! What are your 2013 goals?

Dear Julia,

A list to myself, for when I get lazy and distracted:

Girl, you know what you have to do. Let’s review, just in case you forgot.

  1. No caffeine after 4 p.m. I know, this is crazy talk. But this is the only way for you to get to sleep in time to wake up at 6 a.m. to go for a run before work. Plus, you should be drinking more water anyway. I don’t care if it makes you have to get up and pee at odd hours of the night. Deal with it. #sacrifices
  2. There’s another one! Stick to your workout plan. And yes, this means waking up at 6 a.m. to run before work because girl, you know you won’t have the energy or willpower to do it after you work a 10 hour day. Let’s be real here. I don’t care if it’s raining, or cold, or whatever. Get your butt out of bed and hit the treadmill. No excuses.
  3. Blog more. You keep saying this, and then you keep making excuses. Makes some time this weekend to write a ton of great content for your readers to keep them going for the next few weeks.
  4. Invest in clothes that actually fit. You look ridiculous. Half of your clothes are too big, the other half you bought when you were 17. Those wide leg boot cut jeans may fit great now, but let’s bring your closet into the 21st century, shall we? This is why you made plans with Pamela to go to the Outlet mall on Sunday.
  5. Only eat pizza once a month. I know, I know, you love pizza. And rightly so! It’s just too easy to get home from work and order pizza, and then not have to worry about cooking OR doing dishes. But admit it, you always feel greasy and fat the next morning! What the heck pizza! You need to break up with pizza. It’s really an just an abusive relationship.


What are your go-to rules for keeping a healthy lifestyle?

Numbers don’t lie.

But they can certainly distract us.

I realized at a young age how much our lives are ruled by numbers. Locker combinations, lunch PIN codes, passwords to school computers. As I got older the numbers got more complicated, and more significant.

Even in my work, numbers haunt me. I work independently in social media, and my clients are constantly asking to see the numbers. They want to see the results they can measure and the return on their investment, when really my business is about building relationships and telling stories.

As we try to lose weight we focus so much of our attention on numbers that we sometimes lose sight of why we started counting calories in the first place. Between weigh  ins and calorie counting and tracking points, we focus pretty much all of our attention on the numbers. We’re focusing on things we can measure, on the return on our investment, when really this whole business is about building something so much bigger.

We’re building ourselves into new lifestyles, new bodies and new outlooks on life. We have to remember why we started, and while we may say it’s because that number on the scale got too high, it’s really because we’re tired of feeling a certain way. That’s something bigger and better than the numbers we find ourselves focused on.

What do you do when you find yourself focusing on something that will probably distract you from reaching your goal?

Weekly Weigh In: Week 1

I was forced to do my weekly weigh in a couple days late this week, since I was not near my scale all day Sunday and I was working all day yesterday (and I really wanted to do my weigh in in the morning, since that’s when you weigh the least).

So I did my weigh in.

I lost 3 pounds last week.

Well, this is frustrating.

I didn’t expect this to be easy, but after hearing about how most people lose a ton of weight in the first week, I admit I did expect that number to be a lot higher.

It’s still more weight in one week than I’ve lost in a really long time, so I’m going to take it as a good sign.

This is just going to be a lot harder than I thought.

How do you stay motivated when your outcomes are less than what you expected?