Weekly Weigh In: Biggest Loser Family Style

Only one week left in the Biggest Loser competition! (I’m in 3rd place.)

So after completely, totally, unequivocally recommitting myself to Weight Watchers, I was actually really excited to weigh myself this weekend.

I lost 3.1 pounds!

Hooray for me! But I can’t let myself get too complacent, because Easter is this weekend and we all know I love my holidays. I’ll be contributing a tasty vegetable side dish to my family’s dinner, and will be sure to post the recipe when I decide what I am going to make.

I feel great though, and I’m excited to keep going. I really needed a fresh start and I’m glad I got that this week. I’m going to spend this week keeping focused on tracking, and hopefully I’ll get back out for a run at least once before my family comes into town on Saturday.

(I’ll also be attending the Sweet Sixteen games at Cowboys Stadium on Friday night, so I’m really excited about that too.)

My big challenge will be the Gaylord Texan Easter Brunch Buffet that waits for me on Sunday.  Because I’m still working on that little thing called self control.

Biggest Loser – Family Style: Weigh In Week 4

Well hello there.

I know,  I’m way behind in posting this, but it’s been a busy few days. But excuses aside, I think I did pretty decently last week, considering how much I was eating out (whoops) and not running (whoops).

I lost 0.2 lbs

So basically there was no change at all.

In other news, I saw Imagine Dragons in concert last night (an early Valentine’s Day present from Adam) and it was awesome.






If you’ve never heard Imagine Dragons before, you’re in luck.


I’m obsessed. I blame Allison for getting me hooked.

also went for my first official outdoor run this weekend! There’s a pretty little trail not too far from my apartment complex, so on Sunday morning I hopped in the car and headed out there.

winniford park

I went for probably about a solid mile, at a relaxed pace. Not my best, but it felt good to be outside, and my lungs (and body) definitely aren’t used to running in the cold.

Here’s hoping I can make outdoor running part of my routine soon.

I’ll have a quick (and easy) recipe for you later this week, and then things will probably quiet down until late next week, as I will finally be in Ohio hanging out with a few of my favorite people.

Biggest Loser: Family Style Week 3!

Okay, I have finally recovered from birthday week, alumni game watches and one very unexpected and exhausting Super Bowl Party.

I gained .4 pounds.

I’m really not surprised, considering all the events, craziness and overeating/drinking that occurred over the course of the week. Luckily I did get another 2 mile run in over the weekend, as well as some stability ball/free weight action. Baby steps.

Did you hear that? 2 miles. 30 minutes. 

And I wasn’t even sore the next day. Granted, most of my “runs” right now consist of walking for five minutes and then running for two. Lather, rinse, repeat. Though I did get my work out on Sunday by way of frantically cleaning my apartment in preparation for the above stated last minute Super Bowl Party. Which was still fun.

5k course

So that’s it for me. In case anyone is interested, this is the 5k I’m planning on doing in March. If you live in the area and will be in town on March 9, you should join us! (My cousin and me, that is…)Have a great week everyone!

– Biggest Loser Family Style – Weekly Weigh In: Week 2

Welcome to week two of my family’s Biggest Loser competition. My parents are actually heading into Dallas this weekend to celebrate two birthdays (My older sister and I are four years and three days apart.) but I thought I’d give y’all a quick update on my weigh in.

I lost 2.9 pounds last week!

Woohoo! It seems like I’m finally back on track after the past few months. Which is quite a relief, considering how badly I let myself get off.

Also, I’m really glad I actually weighed myself this morning instead of waiting until Sunday, we are all going  to a birthday dinner tomorrow night at a Brazilian steakhouse. And yes, I am going to eat my weight in delicious food.

This is why I fully plan on going running tomorrow morning before everyone gets here.

loading weekend

It’s Friday y’all. Time to get weird.

Prior out.

Weekly Weigh In: Biggest Loser Family Edition Week 1

This week my big focus has been on one of my resolutions for the year: eat out less, cook at home more.

And it has already started paying off.

I lost 2.2 lbs last week! 

Hooray for me!

I’ve been exploring different spice blends and mixing it up with some healthy snacks. My favorite? Pretzels and super spicy brown mustard. Yummmmm. Also those little Laughing Cow cheese triangles. Let’s me feel like I’m misbehaving by eating cheese.

Things are still crazy busy at work (at least for me), so I’ll just leave you with this picture of me trying on a pair of size 10 jeans. See kids, dreams can come true.

GAP dressing rooms are so luxurious and have fabulous lighting, y'all.

GAP dressing rooms are so luxurious and have fabulous lighting, y’all. (I also bought an adorable navy blue peacoat, which of course prompted Dallas to have a spurt of beautiful, 65 degree weather immediately following this purchase that I made on a day that it snowed.)

Related note: I thought I left Ohio in 2010?

Yes, I know the jeans are too long. All jeans are always too long on me. Because I’m that awkward height where regular jeans are too long and the petite length jeans are like high waters. #firstworldproblems.

Stay tuned later this week for a delicious, healthy and affordable chicken wrap recipe that will blow your mind!

Biggest Loser: Family Style! – Initial Weigh In –

So my family’s biggest loser competition begins today. As I sent in my weight I got a little (okay a lot) frustrated.

I am officially back at my original weight. Booooooo.

Between being sick and eating for comfort and not nutrition, and the holidays, I have not been behaving myself. And I can feel the weight back on.

Sounds like this biggest loser competition is the perfect time to get my ass back in gear. I might do some research into meal replacement shakes, and there will be a kitchen overhaul to get rid of all the fatty holiday foods leftover from the past few weeks.

It’s time to get back to what works for me. Salads, low-fat proteins, light workouts and keeping consistent with my weekly weigh ins.

Apologies for the profanities, but I’m upset at myself, as I should be. Last week I committed to running the local Leaping Leprechaun 5K in March and then the Austin Capitol 10K in April, so there’s a lot of work still to do and I have a plan on how to do it. As soon as this snow melts. I promise. Allison offered her services to hold me to that.


[[UPDATE: I have since been to the store to get new jeans (old ones were worn thin) and ended up walking out with 2 pairs of size 10 jeans. WHAAAAAAT. Yeah, that’s right. Size 10. Eat it, scale.]]