A Julia Prior Production.

Hello. I’m Julia, a public relations and social media professional, a faithful Flyer and Houston, Texas native surviving life as a recent college graduate in the Big D (aka, Dallas, Texas).

I love college basketball, social media and eating good food with good friends. You can connect with me on Twitter, Google+FacebookPinterest, or LinkedIn.

I’ve never thought of myself as fat. But after gaining an unmentionable amount of weight after graduation, I realized I’ve never thought of myself as skinny either. This is a where I have decided to chronicle my journey from a land of sweatpants and black everything (you know, where you find yourself drifting towards the back in every group photo?) to that magical place where everything fits and the camera doesn’t scare you. This is my journey to learn to love my body and be comfortable in my own skin.

I named this blog skinny and strong because while yes, I do want to be skinny, I don’t want to do it if it compromises my health.

This started in April of 2012 as a way to chronicle my weight loss. But that’s not what happened. As time went on, I became less focused on my weight and more focused on my health. Building muscle, endurance and strength are now my goals. (And if I just so happen to shrink a few sized in the process, no complaint here.)

In April of 2012, I was 24 years old and clocking in at 185 pounds. Through diet, exercise, and the support of my friends and family, I have pulled myself up to become healthier and stronger than ever. This is an ongoing story, because the work doesn’t stop when you reach your goals. Those goals just change.

Hiking in Hawaii in 2012.

Hiking in Hawaii in 2012.

The important thing is to keep moving.


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