Great Expectations

A lot of people talk about how running changed their life. It changed everything for them, and that’s amazing.

It does not do that for me.

It did change one thing, however.

It didn’t change my body (boot camp did that), it didn’t change my outlook or my lifestyle. I haven’t fallen in love with it the way others have, and that’s okay. 

It has changed my expectations for myself. I haven’t had concrete goals since before graduating college, and really those goals were very institution centered. They weren’t just my goals, they were my parents goals and my friends’

But with running, I have my own goals. Goals that I alone am responsible for. Run.

Setting and reaching these small goals over the last few months has been huge for me, and it’s really given me perspective and set my expectations for myself a lot higher than year-ago-Julia would have. Now, 8 miles doesn’t seem that far. Well, it still seems far, but not impossibly so.

Now, as I’m resting for a race tomorrow (Polar Dash DFW 10K, my first of the year), I’m taking time to reflect. I like who I have become in the past few months, and though I’ve hit some obstacles recently, running has kept me sane and kept me focused on my goals.

These are my Friday thoughts. Happy Friday, and happy almost birthday week!



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