How to Get Back on the Wagon

(Note: Other titles I bounced around before deciding on one: Could we Start Again Please, Again? or That Morning I Went Crazy or Starting Over Again. Part 2.)

Sometimes we fall down. Sometimes we lose track of our goals, and sometimes we just, stop. We stop doing what we know is good for us, we stop keeping track of what we eat and we stop taking those extra steps to be healthy.

And that’s exactly what happened to me.

But, the more important thing is, I am getting back on my feet in a big way.


I start April 15. Thank you, Groupon.

I have officially gone insane. Wait. I mean,  I’m really excited to get my behind handed to me three times a week by a woman half my size. Yay for spontaneous Groupon purchases that I feel obligated to use!

Additionally, I’m getting back to basics with WeightWatchers. Lots of fruit, vegetables and water. Making sure I eat slowly and actually think long and hard about what I eat and when I eat. Cooking at home more often. I don’t think I can get back into salads, but I do have a good stock of low sodium, light soups in my pantry that I plan on making use of. (Also, did you know that half a can of Wolf Brand Turkey Chili (with beans) is only 5 points?) So that’s my current go-to dinner on nights that I don’t want to cook. Which are a lot of nights.

So here’s to getting back on track and hopefully being ready in time for summer!



2 thoughts on “How to Get Back on the Wagon

  1. You can do it! Eat well, stay focused and NEVER SKIP A CLASS!!!! And the results will happen. When you get tired or sore, get up and do it again!!! Pain is weakness leaving the body!!!

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