4 Healthy Energy Boosts

We are all busy folk here, right? I know that, and I do appreciate when you take the time to read my ramblings about food, weight and my vain attempts at becoming a runner.

actually, please don't.

But what happens when we start to feel exhausted? Life is hard. Sometimes you can’t go to bed when you want (or can’t fall asleep for various reasons). Sometimes you need help waking up in the morning. Or, if you’re like me, you need help staying awake in the afternoon.

I have a few energy tricks up my sleeve that I would like to pass on to you, however. Beyond the obvious coffee and cokes.

  1. Water. I feel like it’s the answer to everything. Isn’t it though? It helps you lose weight, clear up your skin, relieve muscle pain and it helps wake you up. It’s a miracle drink that comes out of our faucets and we take for granted every day. At least I know I do. My love for water has been detailed at length on this blog. Water actually helps you stay awake because it literally wakes up your muscles. Plus it does about a hundred other amazing things for your body. Plus, if you don’t feel the effects right away, you’ll stay awake for the sheer need to get up and pee every twenty minutes.
  2. Black Tea still has caffeine in it, but the lower amount means it wakes up your brain without overstimulating your heart. It also has a ton of antioxidants, polyphenols (cancer reducing enzymes) and theophylline. While caffeine chiefly targets the brain and muscles, theophylline stimulates the respiratory system, heart and kidneys. This helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. True, the energy boost is a bit slower, it’s better for you and will keep you alert.
  3. Apples. Or any fruit with a large amount of vitamin B. Vitamin B complexes naturally wake up your muscles and your brain, reduce stress and about a thousand other awesome things. Read more here.
  4. Excercise! I know, not unexpected and it’s actually pretty obvious, but working out in the mornings or even on your lunch break can reduce stress, help you wake up and make you feel more productive.

How do you keep yourself awake when you’re feeling tired?


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