Biggest Loser – Family Style: Weigh In Week 4

Well hello there.

I know,  I’m way behind in posting this, but it’s been a busy few days. But excuses aside, I think I did pretty decently last week, considering how much I was eating out (whoops) and not running (whoops).

I lost 0.2 lbs

So basically there was no change at all.

In other news, I saw Imagine Dragons in concert last night (an early Valentine’s Day present from Adam) and it was awesome.






If you’ve never heard Imagine Dragons before, you’re in luck.


I’m obsessed. I blame Allison for getting me hooked.

also went for my first official outdoor run this weekend! There’s a pretty little trail not too far from my apartment complex, so on Sunday morning I hopped in the car and headed out there.

winniford park

I went for probably about a solid mile, at a relaxed pace. Not my best, but it felt good to be outside, and my lungs (and body) definitely aren’t used to running in the cold.

Here’s hoping I can make outdoor running part of my routine soon.

I’ll have a quick (and easy) recipe for you later this week, and then things will probably quiet down until late next week, as I will finally be in Ohio hanging out with a few of my favorite people.


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