– Biggest Loser Family Style – Weekly Weigh In: Week 2

Welcome to week two of my family’s Biggest Loser competition. My parents are actually heading into Dallas this weekend to celebrate two birthdays (My older sister and I are four years and three days apart.) but I thought I’d give y’all a quick update on my weigh in.

I lost 2.9 pounds last week!

Woohoo! It seems like I’m finally back on track after the past few months. Which is quite a relief, considering how badly I let myself get off.

Also, I’m really glad I actually weighed myself this morning instead of waiting until Sunday, we are all going  to a birthday dinner tomorrow night at a Brazilian steakhouse. And yes, I am going to eat my weight in delicious food.

This is why I fully plan on going running tomorrow morning before everyone gets here.

loading weekend

It’s Friday y’all. Time to get weird.

Prior out.


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