Biggest Loser: Family Style! – Initial Weigh In –

So my family’s biggest loser competition begins today. As I sent in my weight I got a little (okay a lot) frustrated.

I am officially back at my original weight. Booooooo.

Between being sick and eating for comfort and not nutrition, and the holidays, I have not been behaving myself. And I can feel the weight back on.

Sounds like this biggest loser competition is the perfect time to get my ass back in gear. I might do some research into meal replacement shakes, and there will be a kitchen overhaul to get rid of all the fatty holiday foods leftover from the past few weeks.

It’s time to get back to what works for me. Salads, low-fat proteins, light workouts and keeping consistent with my weekly weigh ins.

Apologies for the profanities, but I’m upset at myself, as I should be. Last week I committed to running the local Leaping Leprechaun 5K in March and then the Austin Capitol 10K in April, so there’s a lot of work still to do and I have a plan on how to do it. As soon as this snow melts. I promise. Allison offered her services to hold me to that.


[[UPDATE: I have since been to the store to get new jeans (old ones were worn thin) and ended up walking out with 2 pairs of size 10 jeans. WHAAAAAAT. Yeah, that’s right. Size 10. Eat it, scale.]]


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