An Honest Update

Okay, this is me asking for help.

I cannot, for the life of me, get the motivation to run. At first, I was doing great, getting up early and running about a mile and half every other morning before work.

Now? That alarm goes off and I’m all like UHHHHHHH NO.

So what do I do? I’m looking to you, my faithful readers, for inspiration.

What do you do when you cannot, no matter how hard you try, motivate yourself?


4 thoughts on “An Honest Update

  1. try not to run in the morning. morning runs do not work for me unless there is another person who is waiting on me. there is no shame in pumping your body full of caffeine in order to get motivated to work out. i personally like ending my days with running – on hot days i don’t run until it’s dark. i figured i can sacrifice couch/tv time but in no way can i sacrifice that precious hour of sleep. i’m also EXHAUSTED after by the time i finish running, then eat dinner, and then shower. i always sleep so much after running at night. also, you can stare at flat skinny abs all day to make sure you have inspiration to do it. i don’t care if it’s personally touching ryan goslings abs, i still wouldn’t have the extra motivation to get out of bed early to run.

    • My original plan was to run in the evenings after work. But by the time I get done at work, I’m starving, and then I eat dinner and still cannot get myself out the door to run. Plus I don’t like showering at night, it makes my hair look weird in the morning. I think I just need to force myself to go to bed earlier, so I’ll actually get up at 6 when my alarm goes off.

  2. i shower in the morning too. you should really try it. i was frustrated a lot because i couldn’t stick to my training for my races because i was expecting to much of myself. also, i have nothing to rush my evening workouts. if i’m slower than normal, i won’t have an upset boss because i was late. also, eat a peanut butter snack of some sort before you workout, it hits the spot. i also try and run near my office, so i don’t get too comfortable at home and then try and work out.

  3. Just don’t. If it becomes something you dread, then stop until it’s something you need again. That’s advice numero uno.

    Advice dos: Run at night instead of morning. My best runs are when the sun isn’t up.

    Three times the charm: do a spring workout. Run 10 seconds, walk 10 seconds, repeat. It’s like running but not. Maybe you will mentally fall for the trick.

    Best of luck my little friend.

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