Why I Joined Weight Watchers

I found this article from Thought Catalog that summed it up perfectly. It’s called “17 Things That Suck About Being A Little Bit Fat” I’m going to go into detail on the ones that apply to me.

1. Depending on what you’re wearing, you can either look borderline thin or borderline obese.

Ugh. I had to avoid half my closet. One wrong shirt, one false choice in a pair of pants. One second where I wasn’t standing up perfectly straight, and suddenly I was fat.

3. Nothing fits exactly the way you want it to.

See above.

6. You only really think about losing weight when you see yourself naked. Other times, you’re just like, “Meh. I don’t think I’m fat enough yet. I’ll just wait and see what happens.”

This is what deterred me from joining WeightWatchers for a long time. I didn’t think I was a hopeless case. I knew that it would just take some small changes to lose the weight, and I didn’t need a whole program. I didn’t. Really. And then I saw other girls I knew joining WeightWatchers, or similar programs. Girls I didn’t consider fat.

11. You notice that everyone started to eat healthier except for you. You are the only one who’s still ordering pasta at dinner. When did this happen? When did everyone agree to stop consuming carbs? Was there a meeting about this that you didn’t know about?

Again, see above.

12. Your clothes from three years ago still fit. You just look fatter in them.

14. You hate every piece of clothing you own but you avoid going shopping because you can’t bring yourself to buy things in a bigger size.

That was always my reasoning for not joining WeightWatchers. My clothes from college still fit. I’m still a medium in t-shirts and an XL in fitted shirts (I know, women’s sizing is weird). I still wore a size 12 jeans. The thing is, all these sizes looked awful on me. I started to wear a 14 jeans, and right before I joined WeightWatchers, I was in a size 16. My clothes all still technically fit, but they didn’t fit properly. The ironic part? I was working in retail at the time, and told women on a daily basis to ignore sizes, to go with what fits, because ultimately that will make them look better.

I wasn’t listening to my own advice.

13. You’re not fat enough to want to change your lifestyle, even though you feel more and more uncomfortable in your own skin.

15. You know it wouldn’t be that difficult to lose the weight which makes you feel even lazier and more pathetic.

These go together in my mind. In my mind, my situation wasn’t dire enough to take action. I thought WeightWatchers was for women who wanted to lose 50, 70, 100s of pounds. I just wanted to lose 30 pounds. I then realized that’s still a lot of weight, and I needed help.

17. You know the thing that comes after a “little bit fat” is “actually fat” so start changing your life now! You totally will. Just after eating this plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

This was the kicker. After this realization hit me, I signed up for WeightWatchers that night.

Me, last year, in Washington DC. Notice how I cropped out most of my fat. #skills

What made you decide to change your life, to get healthy?

Also, this gave me a chuckle: The Case for Formerly Fat Girls.


4 thoughts on “Why I Joined Weight Watchers

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  2. Going to Weight Watchers makes me think about what I’m doing and keeps me accountable! When I stop going I seem to go back to my old way and my old weight. Good Luck!

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