Weekly Weigh In

So this week was tough. The past couple weeks I’ve had a bunch of events for work, and then I had my best friend (and her boyfriend) in town for the weekend and we went to State Fair, so I haven’t really had the will power to adhere to my plan like I would normally.

Nonetheless, I am keeping on.

I lost .9 lbs last week

Hey, that’s pretty good considering how many burgers, hot dogs and fried things I’ve consumed! Also, the pasta. All the pasta.

So hooray for me!

Now it’s time for some state fair pictures.


The State Fair of Texas has a giant ferris wheel, if you didn’t know.


And here is Big Tex, to welcome you to the State Fair. (This year is his 60th birthday).

Fried Frito Pie. One of many fried delicacies I consumed. I’m not proud, but I wouldn’t take it back. It was all delicious.





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