Diets vs Weight Management Programs

Okay, I need to get something off my chest.

WeightWatchers is not a diet.

Diets are bad.

Weight management programs are good.

Nowhere on the WeightWatchers website will you see them refer to the program as a “diet”. I dare you to find it.

Really, go ahead. I’ll wait.

You back? Awesome.

As a public relations professional, things like this don’t pass by me unnoticed. Messaging is one of those things that normal people overlook and PR people spend hours obsessing over. It’s just how we roll

The reason WeightWatchers does not refer to the program as a diet is because, well, technically everyone has a diet.


[dahy-it]  noun: the foods eaten, as by a particular person or group.

Diet is a word you use to describe what you eat. You could be “on a diet” and eat McDonald’s every day. (Please, please, please do not do this. C’mon America, we all saw SuperSize Me.)

On the other hand, we have the connotation of the word diet. Which is that you want to drop weight, at any cost. When I hear the word diet I think of the crazy fad diets where you gain almost all the weight back as soon as you stop. Oops. Not a good definition for what WeightWatchers is. Or a good way to approach your relationship with food. (Again, another topic for another blog post).

This is why WeightWatchers is not a diet. It is a weight management program.



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