One Size Does Not Fit All

I want to talk to you about workout/diet plans.

We are not one size fits all.

Now I have been very open about the fact that I am on WeightWatchers, which I highly recommend if you’re looking for a paid program to keep you on track with weight loss. WW works for me because, by paying for it, it keeps me on track. It is flexible, so I can find things to eat no matter where I am or what my budget for food is. Note: On WW, you do lose weight slowly, but it is also good to note that the slower you lose the weight, the more likely it is to stay off.

But I understand that it doesn’t work for everyone. My cousin who joined WeightWatchers with me lost barely any weight, so she stopped using it. Now, she takes what she learned on WeightWatchers (lots of vegetables, tons of water, daily vitamins and exercise) and applies it to her life. She eats a lot of greens and runs a lot. Like a lot.

I understand that. Our bodies all work differently and we need to go with what works for us.

My friend, Pamela, who has lost 20lbs in six months, adheres to the Eating Clean Diet. She  eats simply – no processed foods. Generally, if she doesn’t think an eight year old can pronounce the ingredients on something she puts it back. She also using Shakeology daily and works out four days a week, sometimes in the gym or she pops in a Turbo Fire DVD.

While I don’t mix diet plans (the reasoning is a topic for another blog post), Pamela does and it works for her. Again proving the title of this post correct.

I also know that to be healthy, losing weight is not always the best option.

My friend Mely has always been small. I’ve known her since middle school, and we’re talking tiny. Hates exercise and used to eat whatever she wanted. We just thought she had the metabolism of our dreams, until she developed a dairy sensitivity.

She started to watch what she ate, and started to back away from most complex carbohydrates. This is when she realized she also had a gluten sensitivity. Now that she is more careful about what she eats, including eating more protein and finding alternative sources of carbs that didn’t include gluten.

Once she started eating this way she actually gained weight, because she was finally able to absorb the nutrients in the food she ate. Before,  her body was cannibalizing itself because gluten and lactose were forcing her body to purge food before she could get nutrients out of it. It was basically an unconscious bulimia until she cut dairy and gluten out of her diet.

Now you know I wouldn’t bring this up without giving y’all a resource to figure out what’s best for you. Women’s Health Magazine did an amazing article that shows you a work out plan for your body type. I know I’ll start using some of these.

What weight management/exercise plan do you use? What are your thoughts on it?


3 thoughts on “One Size Does Not Fit All

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