Weekly Weigh In & Pictures from Austin

Okay, to be completely honest, I’ve lost track of the weeks. So we’re going with a generic title.

But I weighed myself yesterday! I know, mid-week. Weird, right?

I gained .4 lbs

Alright. That’s fine by me. Especially considering the awesome weekend I had in Austin and how many liberties I’ve been taking with my plan and with my exercise routine. (Yes, Allison, this is me admitting I haven’t gone running in like a week.) It happens, right?

The important thing is to move on, and make adjustments. That’s the whole reason I weigh myself weekly anyway, right?

And now for some fun Austin photos!

First, we took MegaBus to Austin. Round trip, it was $27. Seriously.

We had some fun with cameras, Instagram and the fact that we were on the top deck in the front row on the way there.

My travel buddy/partner-in-crime, Pamela. If you look at my Facebook, in 4 out of every 10 photos I am making some sort of awful face. On purpose.

No, our feet are not out the window, they are leaning on the windshield. Pamela’s legs are really short.

This was not our bus. Thankfully.

Also, I bought boots at Target. Finding cute boots for under $40 is unheard of, so of course I snatched these up.

I am obsessed with migas tacos. Basically it’s eggs, potatoes, peppers, onions and corn chips scrambled together and served in a corn tortilla with chipotle salsa. Tell me you are not drooling right now. Not healthy. But so delicious.

So there you go! Thanks to Pamela, who unknowingly allowed me to steal most of these pictures off of her Facebook page.


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