5 Food-Free Rewards

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. What do you do when you reach your goal? Or hit a major milestone? How do you reward yourself or even motivate yourself to keep going?

Funnily enough, Weight Watchers actually had a great resource in their newsletter this weekend; a list of food free celebrations.

I can hear you now. “What is she talking about. Why can’t we have food rewards? We love food!” And it’s so easy, right? To think to yourself and go, I behaved all week, I deserve this pizza. Or, oooooh I do love cheeseburgers….

Stop. Can you hear me? Stop! Put down the cupcake and walk away.

Let’s put it in perspective. When your dog does a trick, or pees outside, or does something good, what do you reward them with? Yeah, food.

Y’all. We are not dogs. We need to stop rewarding ourselves with food!

Think about it, do you want your reward, you know, that 30 minute period of bliss you achieve while eating ice cream or the perfect cheeseburger, to destroy what you’ve worked for?

I know I don’t want my reward for hitting my 10 pound milestone to push me back to where I was before I hit that milestone. That just seems really counterproductive to me.

So this past week, when I was brainstorming ways to reward myself for said milestone, I stumbled on this post from WeightWatchers. Perfect timing, right?

And it got me thinking. About my favorite ways to reward myself.

  1. Shopping. I know, so cliche, right? And I would have agreed before yesterday. I went shopping and it was such a rush to buy smaller clothes and have things actually look good on me. In colors other than black! My reward was that I got to buy anything I wanted, and that fit, as long as it came from the sale racks. (Granted, I was already at the Factory Outlets, so that helped too). I came away with three new shirts for work, a new pair of jeans, (size 12!!) and a set of coasters. All for under about $100. My point is, you will feel amazing once you try on that smaller size you’ve been eyeing and realize that it fits! Shop outlets and sales before you get to your goal weight, so you don’t drop a ton of dough on things that aren’t going to fit in two months anyway.
  2. Go to a day spa. Sounds nice, right? Even something as simple as a pedicure or getting your hair done can have an amazing effect on your attitude. Make it a ritual, so that way you’ll imagine how soft your fingers will be when you get it, before you open the freezer for that second bowl of ice cream. (Guilty.)
  3. Plan a weekend away. My friend Pamela and I are planning a trip to Austin to see some friends and we could not be more excited. What a great way to reward yourself than with some time on a  mini vacation? Just make sure not to have too much fun.
  4. Read a book. Nerdy, right? But think about it. When was the last time you sat on your porch and read a book. For fun. I know. So relaxing right? Sounds like a perfect (free) reward to me!
  5. Have some “bother me and die” time. Basically, tell all roommates, friends, significant others, kids, neighbors etc to shove it and leave you alone for an hour. Take a nap. Take a bubble bath. Watch a movie. Read a book. Take a walk. Leave your cell phone at home. Disconnect.

What are your favorite food-free ways to reward yourself?



4 thoughts on “5 Food-Free Rewards

    • Oh man, I love Kristin Wiig. I never thought of using music for workouts, but I like it. I usually just use Pandora, but that’s the luxury I have because my gym has wifi.

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