Fourth Quarter Resolutions.

For real this time.

I am officially back on plan and hopefully will be back in my routine soon. I plan on weighing myself for the first time in about a month this weekend, and I will update y’all on all the gruesome details.

There is a Calvin & Hobbs cartoon for every occasion, I am convinced.

Fourth Quarter Resolutions:

  • I will not eat out. Unless it’s somewhere where I can manage what I eat, like Panera, or Snappy Salads in Plano. (Hey Snappy Salads, if you’re listening, I would love a location in McKinney. Or even in Allen…)
  • No more cheese for breakfast. Okay, let me explain, I hadn’t been able to get to the grocery store in a while and my fridge was looking a little thin. But now there’s no excuse. Yesterday I bought 10 yogurts, 4 peaches, 3 apples and a big bag of grapes.
  • There will always be something healthy to eat in my fridge. If there isn’t, I’ll go buy something healthy and avoid the bag of chicken nuggets staring at me from the back of the freezer.
  • More water. I have been awful about keeping up with drinking 8 glasses of water every day. Which is ridiculous. There is no excuse not to drink enough water when I have a desk job and there is always a glass of ice water sitting right next to me.
  • More exercise. There is a work out room in the clubhouse to my apartment complex. I will start using it. And often. Let’ shoot for 3 times a week, and go from there, shall we? (I did promise Allison that I would do a 5k with her when she comes to visit.)
  • More blogging. I’ve been neglecting you beautiful people. And I am sorry. This blog helps keep me honest, and on plan (as odd as that sounds considering the last month). Even though I haven’t been posting very often, I have been brainstorming ideas and dreaming up recipes to share with y’all. ❤

Side note: Do you know how hard it is to eat healthy when your boyfriend can have chicken nuggets for 3 meals a day, every day, and some how lose weight?


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