Keeping it Weird in Austin.

I went to another wedding this weekend. This time it was my cousin Kevin, and we traveled to Austin, Texas for the occasion.

My family is huge, so weddings are a big deal because, well, there are usually around 60 of us from just my side of the family.

And I love visiting Austin, because it has its very own vibe and there’s always so much to do when we stay downtown.

Did I mention my family is huge and awesome? I would drive across the world for the chance to hang out with them.

I am short. So of course I am blocked at this angle by my Great Aunt Pat and a random cousin.

I had a blast. Two nights in downtown Austin with some really amazing people is just what I needed after a crazy busy (in the best way possible) week at work.

Good things: I behaved really well, other than the large amounts of alcohol I consumed, I ate really healthy and watched my portions the whole weekend. (Until I got to go to Kerbey Lane, that is. Their pancakes are my kryptonite.)

Bad things: Well, I did drink more than I probably should have, which means I didn’t drink as much water as I should have, especially considering it averaged around 102 degrees the whole weekend. Also, I didn’t get nearly enough sleep. I started this week dragging because I’m still recovering from the lack of sleep.

The really good news though? I was wearing a dress I bought two years ago, that six months ago I couldn’t have even dreamed of fitting into. Several family members stopped me to tell me how great I looked.

This makes me incredibly happy, because it means, that even though I haven’t been sticking to plan, I’ve been able to keep some of the weight off and more importantly, keep the inches I lost off.

Guess I didn’t slip up the past few weeks as much as I thought.

One more picture, this time of just the cousins. And oh hey! You can actually see me over the groom’s shoulder!


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