Weekly Weigh In: Week 6

So this week was frustrating.

There were a lot of events going on at church that I was helping with. It was the big summer kick off for our youth programs, and I was helping out a lot. Which means I ate a lot of lasagna, hot dogs, pizza and taquitos. Also, Dino Nuggets.

But over all I did okay. After eating all that crap and readjusting to the time zone, I weighed myself this morning.

I lost .2 pounds

Okay, not the most productive week, in all. But I did have a big victory yesterday.

I picked up the bridesmaid dress for the wedding I’m in at the beginning of July. I knew I was going to have to get it altered, because dress sizes are weird. I did not realize that I would need to get it taken in 3 inches from my shoulders all the way to my hip. That’s a lot of fabric. Either I lost inches (I haven’t measured since I started WeightWatchers) or the girl who originally sized me for the dress was touched in the head.

Either way, I’ll take it.

Have a great end to your weekend!


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