So this is my first post on vacation. I left my laptop at home sp excuse any typos please, the autocorrect on my kindle is always a little overeager. (Note to self, PROOFREAD.)

I started my vacation with the great idea that yes, staying up all night between my friend Kailey’s homecoming party and my 7:30am flight was a good idea. (Spoiler alert: terrible idea).

So I left for the airport at 5:30am with one hour of sleep under my belt and the dream of falling asleep the minute I got on the plane. I did have a four hour flint and then another five hour flight ahead of me.

And then my flight got delayed.

And then it got delayed again.

At this point not only had we missed our connecting flight to Honolulu, I had also lost my spot on the first class upgrade list on the next flight.

At least I was in first class on the first flight and was in one pf those new fancy seats that recline ALL the way down. I felt like I was in the Jetsons.

And now I’m sitting in coach with about 4 hours of sleep under my belt, enduring the final two hours of the longest 5 hour flight ever.

So in all this, the last thing on my mind is eating right. I scarfed down the giant breakfast I got on the first flight, including this spinach, cheese and egg quiche thing that I had no idea how much butter was in it. I’ve downed probably 3 cans of non-diet ginger ale, and probably used up all my points for the day. (It doesn’t help that I didn’t exactly behave at the party last night.)

How do you keep eating right a priority when plans change unexpectedly?


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