Numbers don’t lie.

But they can certainly distract us.

I realized at a young age how much our lives are ruled by numbers. Locker combinations, lunch PIN codes, passwords to school computers. As I got older the numbers got more complicated, and more significant.

Even in my work, numbers haunt me. I work independently in social media, and my clients are constantly asking to see the numbers. They want to see the results they can measure and the return on their investment, when really my business is about building relationships and telling stories.

As we try to lose weight we focus so much of our attention on numbers that we sometimes lose sight of why we started counting calories in the first place. Between weigh  ins and calorie counting and tracking points, we focus pretty much all of our attention on the numbers. We’re focusing on things we can measure, on the return on our investment, when really this whole business is about building something so much bigger.

We’re building ourselves into new lifestyles, new bodies and new outlooks on life. We have to remember why we started, and while we may say it’s because that number on the scale got too high, it’s really because we’re tired of feeling a certain way. That’s something bigger and better than the numbers we find ourselves focused on.

What do you do when you find yourself focusing on something that will probably distract you from reaching your goal?


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