Recipe Spotlight: Chi-Chi’s Skinny Margarita

It’s almost five o’clock and tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, so it’s no wonder that I chose this as my (hopefully what will become) weekly recipe spotlight.

I know, I know, this isn’t technically a recipe, but I couldn’t find any skinny margarita recipes that sounded better or were lower in Point+ value than Chi-Chi’s Ready-to-Drink Skinny Margarita mix.

I’m not usually a big fan of pre-mixed margaritas, I prefer to make my own, but this is quite tasty, has a good amount of lime and you can definitely taste and smell the tequila and triple sec. A quality I find important in my margaritas. The agave nectar is key here, because it sweetens the drink without that nasty aftertaste you get with artificial sweeteners.

The best part? It’s only 95 calories per serving, and one, yes one Point+ on Weight Watchers. So you can indulge in one or two (or three) of these without feeling too guilty.

Disclaimer: I went out and bought this with my own money because I love margaritas. Chi-Chi’s the brand is in no way sponsoring this post.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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