Working from home is easy.

Yesterday I worked from home.

So it was easy. Sort of.

I like working from home because I can put in an extra long work out, no matter how late I get out of bed. Yesterday I slept until 9 and worked out for around 45 minutes.

(Side note: I love my Wii Fit because in that 45 minutes, I went for a run, did some yoga, cycled, did some boxing and hula hooped in addition to a ton of great strength exercises.)

I didn’t have to worry about figuring out point totals on the go, going out to eat or worrying if my friends or co-workers would judge my sudden change in eating habits.

But the queso jar and tortilla chips mocked me all day. It joined forces with what’s left of my Chinese food from Sunday, and my giant bag of Easter candy that hides in my desk.

I can do this.

Those eggs may look harmless, but I know each of those will cost me 4 Points+.


One thought on “Working from home is easy.

  1. lol, i totally threw away all of my easter candy. i knew i would be snacking on it and tbabe would never eat, so, i just tossed it.

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