You can only plan so much, right?

Planning is awesome. Planning is key. Planning is everything when you’re on Weight Watchers.

How do you plan for a night when you don’t know what you’ll be doing?

Yesterday was my friend Zach’s birthday, so we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, where I behaved and ate only 9 wings at 2 points each. I had a beer with dinner, which brought my point total up to 19 for the meal.

And then we went back to my other friend Matt’s place for drinks. I went with my usual aiming for a low point version of a gin & tonic. Forgetting I was at a man’s apartment, I started searching for the diet tonic water, or maybe some diet Sprite or diet 7-up. Nothing. I settled for Sierra Mist Natural. (3 points) Mixed with the gin (4 points) it made for a pricey drink as far as my point for the evening went.

And then there were birthday cupcakes. I hadn’t allotted enough daily points for my mixed drinks, let alone cupcakes.

I ended the night by (shockingly) going over my point total for the day and having to dip into my weekly points.

I really was trying to save them for happy hour at my favorite Houston dive, Beaver’s, with my cousin, Erin, where I will be eating this beauty.


The IceHouse Tillamook Cheeseburger - pickled fried onion rings, cornmeal fried jalapenos, Tillamook pepperjack cheese, and housemade BBQ sauce on Texas toast.

This just means I’ll have to be on extra good behavior for the next few days. I’ll be stocking up on Power Foods and working out like crazy.

Have you ever had that one night where all your plans and good intentions failed? What did you do?


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