No More Black.

So today, I started Weight Watchers.

I’ve never thought of myself as fat. But after gaining an unmentionable amount of weight after graduation, I realized I’ve never thought of myself as skinny either. I’ll be using this place to chronicle my journey from a land of sweatpants to that magical land where all your clothes fit exactly as you want them to.

I named this blog skinny and strong because while yes, I do want to be skinny, I don’t want to do it if it compromises my health. I’m on a journey to become skinny AND strong.

Here, I’ll be brutally honest about my weight loss. And I hope you can learn from it, and that I can learn from you too.

For me, today was about taking that first step towards change. Making the commitment to reach my target weight and making a plan to reach it.

What big change have you decided to make recently? What have you done to take the first step towards it?


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